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Concierge Program


Our comprehensive care service was started a few years ago. We decided this is the only way we can keep the standards our patients deserve. We were also limited by insurance guidelines for testing. Testing was only allowed after a disease was diagnosed, but not for prevention. For example: carotid ultrasound after a stroke has occurred. We perform yearly screening tests in patients using echocardiogram and vascular ultrasounds and treat early on to prevent disease progress. 

The vascular ultrasounds available are carotid Doppler, lower extremity arterial Doppler, and abdominal aorta to evaluate patients for peripheral vascular disease. Our venous studies check for blood clots and venous insufficiency. 

In urgent cases, we schedule same day or next day in office or video/audio appointments dictated by the nature of the patient’s problem. We are very active in coordinating your care and appointments with other physicians, offices, and labs. Our CCSS will also allow us to spend more time managing your heart, health, and general wellness. 

 McLean Cardiology offers different packages to fit the patients individual needs:


An annual, comprehensive cardiovascular exam and wellness check that includes important screening (typically not covered by insurance) and a systemic review of all health issues in addition to the cardiovascular system with an emphasis on prevention. Dr. Haddad will determine which screenings are right for you. Screenings include: 


*24 Hour Holter Monitor


*Stress Testing: i.) Electrocardiogram Stress Test

                             ii.) Exercise Echocardiogram 

*Vascular Testing: i.) ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) Test 

                                  ii.) Carotid Doppler 

                                  iii.) Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound 

                                  iv.) Lower Extremity Venous Doppler

                                  v.) Lower Extremity Arterial Doppler 

 The cost of this service is $2,000.00 annually.


Per our patients’ requests, we have added a higher level of comprehensive package. This includes home visits, frequent daily-weekly office or tele visit follow-ups, in home blood draws, and personal digital stethoscope for more comprehensive remote visits. Please contact our office, as this package is designed to fit different individual needs. 



Recommended for patients with very high deductibles, no insurance, or signing up a friend or family member with a gift package. It includes three yearly visits, including a cardiac physical, two comprehensive blood tests a year, and one to two studies a year: echocardiogram/stress test/vascular test-carotid abdominal aortic/lower extremity venous Doppler depending on medical indication. 


This includes a yearly cardiovascular physical. 

Comprehensive blood work. 

Stress echocardiogram and carotid ultrasound.